Korean Lingzhi (Reishi) Tea - 50 sachets

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Korean Lingzhi (Reishi) Tea - 50 sachets - Lavivant
  • Effectively detoxifies the organism & improves liver function
  • Works against fatigue and neurasthenia - chronic neurological disorder
  • Has positive impact when on a diet & improves metabolism
  • Lowers cholesterol & improves sleep
  • Works against allergies


Reishi alias lingzhi alias the mushroom of immortality. This peculiar mushroom has many names and even more therapeutical effects. The Chinese name lingzhi, translated as "the mushroom of immortality", has first been used during the reign of Chan dynasty between 25 and 220 AD. However, the usage dates back much further and the traditional Chinese medicine recognised the effects of lingzhi more than 4,000 years ago. Because of that, the lingzhi mushroom has spread all over the world. 



Korean Lingzhi Extract (solid powder more than 60%) 10%, glucose 90%


Tale 1 sachet 3 times daily, dissolve in hot water


Safety Information:

Check ingredients carefully for people with allergies or diathesis

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