Korean Ginseng Tea - 20


Korean Ginseng Tea - 20
  • 3g x 20 tea bags
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Boosts energy and stamina & supports fatigue resistance
  • Supports memory functions
  • Anti-oxidative activity


Ginseng is the Root of Life. It's the best known healing herb in Asian Medicine. Its effects vary by place of origin and length of cultivation - and Korean Ginseng guarantees top quality. In 1843 the Russian botanist Carl Anton Von Mayer, named the Korean Ginseng 'Panax Ginseng', The genus name 'Panax' means 'cure all' or 'all heal' in Greek. Perhaps it is an exaggeration to define it as something that heals all, however it could also be taken as a metaphor that reflects the importance of this root. In all aspects, scientific research has proven the real benefits of Red Ginseng on human health, such as boosting the immune system, increasing energy and stamina and supporting memory function and improving the sexual performance.



Take 1 sachet 3 times daily, dissolve in hot water


Safety Information:

Check ingredients carefully for people with allergies or diabetes. Person on medication (diabetic medicine or anti coagulant) should consult using with physician.


6 year old Korean Ginseng Extract (total ginsenoside = 80mg/g or more, solid powder more than 60%) 10%, glucose 90%

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