Korean Red Ginseng


  • Suffering from fatigue/ Low energy? Constantly struggling with flu and colds? Take inspiration from Asian and try ginseng, which is for good reasons called the root of life.
  • Ginseng root contains saponins - active ingredients with proven benefits for your physical and mental health.
  • Yet the saponin content depends on where the ginseng is grown.
  • Ginseng grows well in just a few places on Earth. It grows best in Korea.
  • Korean Ginseng thus guarantees top quality.


Ginseng's Proven Health Benefits

The Korean Food and Drug Administration has registered these verifiable effects connected with ginseng.

  • increased immunity
  • improved blood circulation
  • anti-fatigue effects
  • changes to potency; improved sexual performance
  • better resistance to viral and infectious diseases

Long-term ginseng use benefits the central nervous system, liver, stomach, lungs, circulatory system, and the mind it:

  • promotes proper cholosterol levels
  • alleviates high blood sugar levels
  • ensures mental stability
  • increases stress resistance
  • provides energy and reduces feelings or fatigue


Discover Top- Quality Ginseng

Place of origin and 3 other factors determine ginseng quality. (But don't forget extract purity - the fewer extra substances, the better.)

Place of Cultivation 

The country of origin directly affects the number of saponin types (ginsenosides) in ginseng roots. Korean red ginseng has significantly more of these than roots from other parts of the world.



Length of Cultivation

Ginseng root cultivated for less than 6 years lacks the needed strength. Thus extracts from it don't provide as many benefits.

Processing Method

Drying produces white ginseng, while thermal processing produces the higher-quality red ginseng. And fermenting red ginseng produces the highest-quality extract - with easy-to-absorb active ingredients.


Saponin Content

Saponins (ginsenosides) are the most valuable substance inside ginseng. For ginseng extracts, their content is expressed in mg/g, and values over 60 mg/g are considered premium-quality.

Lavivant ginseng extracts contain 80 mg/g of saponins and no added substances. Lavivant Fermented Ginseng Extract Powder capsule contains 130 mg/g of saponins and no added substances.


Korean Fermented Ginseng

When people take red ginseng, the most important ingredient - saponin (ginsenoside) - is not directly absorbed by the stomach, but rather absorbed into the blood by the activation of bacteria in the intestines and thus demonstrates its medicinal effect. Depending on one's dietary habits, the quantity of intestinal bacteria may vary, as well as the rate of absorption.  

It is known that about 20% may not be absorbed in the intestines and such a person may feel little effect even if red ginseng is taken.  Hence, we have developed a fermented red ginseng that can work effectively in such cases In order to overcome individual difference, we have fermented red ginseng by utilising yeast and thus made a standardised product so that all people can enjoy the efficacy of red ginseng.